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Matthias Lehmann , born in 1969, studied at the Academy for Television and Film (HFF/M) in Munich from 1991 to 1997. During these years he worked as a director of advertising spots, as a cutter, storyboard draughtsman and cameraman. His first shorts as a director, also dating from this period, include Die Nacht des Photographen, which screened at Hof in 1993 and Die Reparatur, which won the first prize in Lodze and earned the rating "besonders wertvoll". Together with Wim Wenders and fellow students at the HFF/M, he also produced the short film Die Brueder Skladanovsky. In 1997, with Pas de Deux, he presented the first, still short film featuring the anti-heroes from the Ruhr, Hoffi and Lehmi. This film received many awards, including: the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau Prize for shorts, Audience Awards at the Dresden Film Festival and the Exground Festival, and the Cultural Promotion Prize of the City of Munich. During the last two years he has made a total of 13 advertising spots, including eight for Media Markt. Double Pack (Doppelpack, 2000) was his first full-length film for the cinema.