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Romuald Karmakar was born in 1965. He has been working as an independent filmmaker since 1985 and shot a series of short films and documentaries. In 1995 he directed his first fiction feature film The Deathmaker (Der Totmacher), which received numerous awards, among them the Silver Lion in Venice for Best Actor, three German Film Awards in Gold in 1996, and was the German entry for the OSCAR for Best Foreign Language Film in 1997. His other films include: Eine Freundschaft in Deutschland (1985), Coup de Boule (1987), Gallodrome (1988), Dogs of Velvet and Steel (Hunde aus Samt und Stahl, 1989), Demontage IX, Unternehmen Stahlglocke (1991), Warheads (1989-1992), The Tyrant of Torino (Der Tyrann von Turin, 1994), Infight (1994), Frankfurt Millennium (Das Frankfurter Kreuz, 1997), Manila (2000) - which won the Silver Leopard at Locarno in 2000, The Himmler Project (2000), 196 BPM (2002), Nightsongs (Die Nacht singt ihre Lieder, 2003), based on the drama by Jon Fosse, and Land of Annihilation (Land der Vernichtung, documentary, 2003).