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Uwe Janson was born in 1959. He began his film career with the short RASTLOS (1987). It was only two years later that he directed the highly-acclaimed feature film VERFOLGTE WEGE (1989), which won a German Camera Award in 1990 and a Bavarian Film Award in 1990 for Best Young Direction. A selection of his award-winning films includes: the TV movies BUSINESS WITH FRIENDS (1991), TO RUN AND TO DIE (1994), THE THERAPIST (1997), RHAPSODY IN BLOOD (1998), WHISKY SOUR (2000), DIE GEISELN VON COSTA RICA (2000), MS. CUPID (2001), VULKAN (2009), THE SINKING OF THE LACONIA (2011), and the feature film AT NIGHT IN THE PARK (2001).