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Leo Hiemer was born in Maierhoefen in West Allgaeu in 1954. He studied History and German Philology in Tuebingen and Goettingen from 1975-1980, and then founded the Westallgaeuer Filmproduktion with Klaus Gietinger, Georg Veit and Fritz Guenthner. Together with K. Gietinger, he co-directed Land of Cops and Robbers (Land der Raeuber und Gendarmen, 1981), Street Without Mercy (Die gnadenlose Strasse, 1984), People at Home Are Dying (Daheim sterben die Leut', 1985), The Grandchildren of Annaberg (Die Enkel von Annaberg, 1987), and Times Were Good Then (Schoen war die Zeit, 1988). In 1994, he started writing, directing, and producing his own films, including: Leni (1994), Swabian Vision (Vision Schwaben, 2000), Sacred Music in Allgaeu (Heilige Klaenge im Allgaeu, 2002), and Let Us Dream! (Komm, wir traeumen!, 2004).