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Leander Haußmann was born in Quedlinburg in 1959. After attending the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Art in Berlin, he acted in the theater for several years before becoming a director. He was the artistic director of Bochum's Schauspielhaus from 1995-2000, during which time he appeared in Detlev Buck's film JAILBIRDS. His big breakthrough as a film director came with SUN ALLEY (SONNENALLEE, 2000), followed by BERLIN BLUES (HERRLEHMANN, 2003), NVA (2005), INTRIGUE AND LOVE (KABALE UND LIEBE, TV, 2005), WHY MEN DON'T LISTEN AND WOMEN CAN'T READ MAPS (WARUM MÄNNER NICHT ZUHÖREN UND FRAUEN SCHLECHT EINPARKEN, 2007), ROBERT ZIMMERMANN IS TANGLED UP IN LOVE (ROBERT ZIMMERMANN WUNDERT SICH ÜBER DIE LIEBE, 2008), HOTEL LUX (2011), SHARK ALARM AT MÜGGELSEE (HAI-ALARM AM MÜGGELSEE, 2013), and TEENOSAURUS REX (DAS PUBERTIER, 2017).