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Michael Gutmann was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1956. After studying Art and German at the University of Frankfurt, he studied at the Academy of Television & Film (HFF/M) in Munich. He has worked as a screenwriter and comic artist as well as lecturer at the film schools in Ludwigsburg, Munich and Cologne. He has written and directed a number of episodes for TV series such as Das Nest, Ein Fall fuer zwei and Tatort and co-authored a number of films directed and co-written by Hans-Christian Schmid, including It's a Jungle Out There (Nach fuenf im Urwald, 1995), 23 (1998), and Crazy (2000). His films as director and screenwriter include: Von Zeit zu Zeit (short, 1990), How I Got Rhythm (short, 1993), Rohe Ostern (1995), Nur fuer eine Nacht (TV, 1996), Black Ice (Glatteis, TV, 1998) and Heart over Head (Herz im Kopf, 2001).