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Robert Glinski was born in 1952 in Warsaw. After studying Architecture in Warsaw, he studied Directing at the National Film School in Lodz. Also active in television and the theater, a selection of his films includes: We Are Not Afraid (documentary, 1981), Coxless Pair (documentary, 1982), Sunday Pranks (1983), Nr. 94287 Nr. 181970 (documentary, 1986), Me Jew (documentary, 1987), Swan Song (1988), Supervision (1990), All That Really Matters (1992), One Daughter, Two Mothers (1995), Love and Do What You Want (1998), Hi Tereska (2001), and Call of the Toad (Unkenrufe - Zeit der Versoehnung, 2005), based on Guenter Grass' novel of the same name.