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Franziska Meletzky was born in 1973 in Leizpig. After studying German, Media Studies and English at Leipzig University, she made the short film Blind Date (1996) and staged Saxonian Classics and The Ice Princess at the Oberhausen Theater. In 1997, she enrolled at the "Konrad Wolf" Academy of Film & Television (HFF/B). Her other films include: the shorts Mad About It (Filmverrueckt, 1998), Mitgerissen! (1998), Scent (Duft 1999), To Weimar (Weg nach Weimar (1999), 39 1/2 (2000), Knife and Fork Only (Alles mit Besteck, 2001), Only the Beloved Soul (Gluecklich ist allein, 2002), Wanted! (Nachbarinnen, 2004), and According to the Plan (Frei nach Plan, 2007).