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Rainer Matsutani was born in 1964 in Hockenheim. He worked as a freelance film critic from 1984-1987, receiving a scholarship for the Berlin Script Workshop in 1987. He then attended the University of Television & Film in Munich. In 1989, he founded the production company Engram Pictures, writing and shooting various commercials and shorts, including the cult thriller KLINIK DES GRAUENS (1992). For his debut feature OVER MY DEAD BODY (1995) he won the Bavarian Film Prize. His other films include: GEISTERSTUNDE - FAHRSTUHL INS JENSEIT (TV, 1997), 666 - TRAUE KEINEM, MIT DEM DU SCHLÄFST! (2002), DIE STIMMEN (TV, 2003), DAMALS WARST DU STILL (TV, 2005), DAS INFERNO - FLAMMEN ÜBER BERLIN (TV, 2007), GANGS (2009), and ROOM 205 (2011).