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Toke Constantin Hebbeln was born in 1978 in Itzehoe. After graduate studies in Literature and Philosophy, he studied Film Directing at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy. During his studies, he directed more than 15 award-wining shorts and commercials. A selection of his films includes: the shorts STILLE NACHT (2002), SCHAUKELN (2002), DER EWIGE TAG (2002), KUSCHELN MIT MAMA (2003), ER UND ES (2003), GLÜCKLICHE TAGE (2003), TRÄUME AM FENSTER (2003), MACH MICH LOS (2004), SEANCE (2005), HILDA & KARL (2006), his feature debut NEVERMORE (NIMMERMEER, 2006), and SHORES OF HOPE (WIR WOLLTEN AUFS MEER, 2012).