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Petra Weisenburger was born in 1958 in Karlsruhe. She studied Art History, Literature and Sociology in Paris and Heidelberg. She held various creative positions in film and theater productions and realized several video films for the Joachim Schloemer Dance Theater. Since 1995 she has been a project manager and head of studies at the Nipkow Programm in Berlin, a grant program for European filmmakers, and in 2005 she founded her own production company. Her films as an author and co-director include the award-winning Jean Weidt – Le Danseur Rouge (1988), Homage to Free Dance in Germany - Part I: The Silent Scream and Part II: Lone Fighters (1991). She worked as co-producer on Memories of Happiness (1990) and wrote, produced and directed the short documentary Shepherd's Big Moment (Schaefers Stunde, 2005). The Ballad of Jenny G. (Ich will da sein, Jenny Groellmann, 2008) is her first documentary feature.