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Stefan Tolz was born in 1966. He studied from 1986-1993 at the Academy of Television & Film Munich (HFF/M) and at the Cinema Faculty of the Georgian State Theater Institute in Tbilisi and was a guest student at New York University and the Beijing Film Academy. From 1993-1999, he worked as a freelance writer, director and producer in Cologne for various television series. Since 1998, he has had teaching appointments in the fields of Documentary Film and Television Publicity in Germany and Austria. His other films include: Power Lies Elsewhere (Die Macht liegt woanders, 1989), Applause Appreciated (Wir bitten um freundlichen Applaus, 1990), Caucasian Banquet (Kaukasisches Gastmahl, 1991), Beijing Courtyard (Viereckhof Peking, 1993), Schwan's Way (Mein lieber Schwan, 1994), Golden Wedding (Goldhochzeit - 50 Jahre Ehe in Deutschland, 1995), Kinzig Valley (Kinzigtal - zwischen Bollenhut und Aids-Hospiz, 1996), Faroe Islands (Faeroeer, 1997), The Merzbach Kiosk (Merzbachs Buedchen, 1998), Bosporus (1999), and On the Edge of Time - Male Domains in the Caucasus (Am Rande der Zeit - Maennerwelten im Kaukasus, 2001).