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Frank Strecker was born in Stuttgart in 1941, the son of actor Max Strecker. He worked from 1961-1967 as an assistant director for, among others, Helmut Kaeutner, Wolfgang Liebeneiner, Wilm ten Haaf, and Wolfgang Schleif. He was a director at the BR TV channel until 1972 and now works freelance as director, actor, author and songwriter. Apart from various TV series, he has made such films as: Hier faellt ein Haus, dort steht ein Kran und ewig droht der Baggerzahn (Adolf Grimme Award, 1978), Klein - Zaches (1982), Floehe hueten ist leichter (1984), Anna (1988), Ein unvergessliches Wochenende (1992) and The Cry of the Butterfly (Der Schrei des Schmetterlings, 1998).