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Hartmut Schoen Born in Heidenheim in 1951, Hartmut Schoen graduated in Politics, Law and Journalism in 1980 and then worked as a director and author of documentaries. In 1990, he also began making TV films and has concentrated solely on this latter sector since 1995. Schoen's films have received several awards, including the German Film Prize for Gustav Mesmer - Der Flieger in 1982, the Bavarian Television Prize for 24 Stunden Leningrad in 1990 and Adolf Grimme Awards
for Phantom-Fieber in 1989 and Jenseits der Schattengrenze in 1995. His TV movies include: Der letzte Gast (1989), Die schoenste Liebesgeschichte des Jahrhunderts (1991), Die Liebesreise des Herrn Matzke (1992), TATORT: Die Zaertlichkeit des Monsters (1993), TATORT: Schlaflose Naechte (1995), Liebesfeuer (1996), Freudenstadt (1997) and Waiting Means Death (1999).