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Oliver Rihs was born 1971 in Maennedorf near Zurich/Switzerland. After a foundation course at Zurich's Design College he completed an apprenticeship as a graphic designer and worked as a freelancer in both advertising and cultural production. He simultaneously gained his first experience in film whilst working as an assistant in advertising film production, accompanied by intensive autodidactic study of film theory, analysis and history. He ended his design career in 1996 and became a social worker. Concurrently he realized his first video works, gained experience as an AD and on-set manager during various film productions whilst creating different documentary features as a freelancer. His short Lillien won Best Short at Locarno in 1997. Since 1999, he has been living and working in Zurich and Berlin, where he wrote the script for his first feature film Brombeerchen, which was realized in 2001. His other films include: Ricard, Fremder Da Draussen, Auszeit, and Dagmars Plan.