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Giulio Ricciarelli was born in 1965 in Milan. He studied Acting at the renowned Otto-Falckenberg-Schule in Munich from 1985-1987 and since then has performed at various German theaters and in numerous TV movies and feature films. Together with Sabine Lamby, he founded Naked Eye Filmproduction in 2000, producing such acclaimed feature films as BIRTHDAY (2001), MADRID (2003), and THE FRIEND (2003). His debut short VINCENT (2005) screened at numerous festivals, winning the Golden Sparrow Award at Erfurt, among others, and was nominated for the European Film Award. He also directed the short films LOVE IT LIKE IT IS (2008) and LIGHTS (2009), which earned him another nomination for the European Film Award and invitations to more than 50 international film festivals. LABYRINTH OF LIES (2014) is his feature debut.