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Armin Mueller-Stahl was born in Tilsit/East Prussia on 1930 and began his film career in 1950, soon becoming one of the prolific actors in the East German cinema. In 1976, he was blacklisted by the East German government for signing the Biermann Resolution and moved to West Germany in 1980. He made his West German acting debut in Fassbinder's Lola (1981) and has also worked internationally in film and television. His recent credits include Costa Gavras' Music Box (1989), George Sluizer's Utz (1992), Barry Levinson's Avalon (1991), Steven Soderbergh's Kafka (1991), John Avildsen's The Power of One (1992), and Volker Schloendorff's The Ogre. Conversation with the Beast (1996) is until now his only film as a director.