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Mariko Minoguchi was born in Munich in in 1988. After graduation, she completed internships and assistantships in the areas of production, directing, cinematography, and production design on more than ten film and television productions. In 2007, she directed the short film MAYBE, which won the German Youth Film Award and followed this in 2010 with the short films LIEBEN ALLEIN and GESCHWISTERHERZEN. In 2011, she founded the production company TRIMAPHILM (now called TRIMAFILM) and served as a producer of the short films WIE DU KÜSST and I REMEMBER. Her short film KARLSTOD (2012) was screened at more than 30 national and international festivals and received various awards. In collaboration with director Tim Fehlbaum (HELL), Minoguchi wrote the screenplay for the international co-production HAVEN: ABOVE SKY, which is set to be completed in 2019. RELATIVITY is her feature-length debut as a director.