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Jens Meurer was born in 1963. He was the winner of the European Film Academy's European Documentary Film of the Year (Felix) in 1995. His documentaries include: Beyond The Kremlin Walls (Das letzte Jahr der Sowjetunion, 1990-92), Viva Stalin (fiction short, 1994), Strange Neighbours (Grenzland, 1995), Egoli - My South African Home Movie (Egoli - Ein Heimatfilm aus Suedafrika, 1997), Jeckes - Distant Relatives (Jeckes - Die entfernten Verwandten, 1997). Jens Meurer is also one of Germany's most renowned independent producers. His company Egoli Tossell (co-)produced many successful films, among them 27 Missing Kisses by Nana Djordjatse and Russian Ark by Alexander Sokurov.