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Andreas Marschall began his career as an artist of graphic novels. He designed film posters, book illustrations and more than 300 record covers. His first film project was the horror rock-music-compilation HALLUCINATIVE COMAS (1991) for the heavy metal band Kreator. Since then, he has directed over 60 video clips, for bands like Sodom, Extrabreit, Guano Apes, as well as commercials and corporate films. He edited feature films like TRACK (1996), AS FAR AS MY FEET WILL CARRY ME (2001), the TV series KÜSTENWACHE and worked as a screenwriter. In 2004 he made his feature film debut with the award winning TEARS OF KALI, which became an instant festival hit, sold in many major key territories and is now considered an independent genre classic. His return to the big screen includes MASKS (2011), a loving tribute to the maestros of the Italian genre cinema like Mario Bava and Dario Argento and a fascinating thriller-experience, and GERMAN ANGST (2015).