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Gerhard Klein Gerhard Klein was born in 1920 and died in 1970 in Berlin. He studied to become an artist for animated film. After co-founding the Berlin theater Die Bruecke, he started working for the DEFA Studios as a writer in the short film department. He then started directing educational and documentary films. In 1953, he began making feature films, mostly in cooperation with the writer Wolfgang Kohlhaase. A selection of his films includes: Alarm im Zirkus (1953), Eine Berliner Romanze (1956), Berlin – Ecke Schoenhauser (1957), Die Feststellung (1958), Die Geschichte vom armen Hassan (1958), Ein Sommertag macht keine Liebe (1961), Sonntagsfahrer (1963), Der grosse und der kleine Willi (1967), and Der Fall Gleiwitz (1967), among others.