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Philipp Kadelbach was born in 1974. He attended film school in Pittsburgh in 1995 where he gained experience in TV journalism. In 1998, he started directing commercials and music videos, and in 2000, he completed his studies in Film Directing at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. A selection of his award-winning films includes: UNSCHULDIG? (series, 2008), THE SECRET OF THE WHALES (mini-series, 2010), HINDENBURG (mini-series, 2011), GENERATION WAR (mini-series, 2013), DIE PILGERIN (TV movie, 2014), NAKED AMONG WOLVES (TV movie, 2015), AUF KURZE DISTANZ (TV movie, 2016), SS-GB (series, 2017), COMEBACK (2018), and PERFUME (series, 2018).