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Agnieszka Holland was born in 1948 in Warsaw and studied at the FAMU Film Academy in Prague. She began her film career as a director's assistant under Krzysztof Zanussi. Before she began directing herself, she wrote numerous screenplays together with her mentor Andrzej Wajda. One of the most well-known directors internationally, her films include: ANGRY HARVEST (BITTERE ERNTE, 1985), EUROPA EUROPA (HITLERJUNGE SOLOMON, 1990), OLIVIER, OLIVIER (1992), THE SECRET GARDEN (DER GEHEIME GARTEN, 1993), FALLEN ANGELS (TV, 1993), WASHINGTON SQUARE (1997), SHOT IN THE HEART (TV, 2001), JULIE WALKING HOME (2002), IN DARKNESS (2011), and many more.