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Juraj Herz was born in Kezmarok/Slovakia in 1934. He studied Photography in Bratislava and Puppetry at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. He then worked as a director and actor at the Semafor Theater in Prague before going to the Barrandov film studios in 1961 to become an assistant director. Active as an award-winning director, a selection of his films includes:The Junk Shop (1965), Oil Lamps (1971), Day for My Love (1976), Beauty and the Beast (1978), Bulldogs and Cherries (1981), The Magpie in the Wisp (1983), The Night Overtake Me (1986), The Frog Prince (1991), The Emperor's New Clothes (1994), Lara - My Years with Boris Pasternak (1994), and Habermann (2010), among others.