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Bastian Günther was born in 1974 in Hachenburg and studied Directing at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin. His thesis film, END OF A TRIP, won the First Steps Award in 2006. He worked as an assistant-director for Christian Petzold and Marin Martschewski. AUTOPILOTS, which he wrote and directed in 2007, premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival and went on to screen at festivals worldwide, winning the MFG-Star Award for young directors at the MFG Festival in Baden-Baden. In 2012 he shot the international feature HOUSTON (with Ulrich Tukur and Garret Dillahunt) which premiered at Sundance (World Dramatic Competition) and was screened afterwards at festivals worldwide, winning numerous awards. In 2013 he shot the hybrid film CALIFORNIA CITY. He divides his time between Berlin and Austin, Texas. His other films include: ACAPULCO (short, 2002), STAY AT HOME IN SUMMER (doc, 2004), and ONE OF THESE DAYS (2020).