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Matthias Dinter was born in 1968 in Singen on Lake Constance. He studied at the Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg from 1991-1994, graduating with the film Hausschlachtung. He has written the screenplays for the films Rohe Ostern (TV, 1993), an episode of the TV-series Der Fahnder - Fuss in der Tuer (1994), Das Biest im Bodensee and First-Love - im Schweif des Kometen (TV, 1998), Die Bademeister (TV, 1999), Fussball ist unser Leben (1999), Schwarz & McMurphy (TV, 1999), Was nicht passt wird passend gemacht and Der letzte Lude (2002), among others. In addition to his extensive work as a script doctor and scriptwriter, he has directed the shorts Fleckich and Entomorhea (1992), Klabusterboren, Lasse rein bong! (2000), Feuer, Eis und Dosenbier (2001), and Revenge of the Teenage Zombies (Die Nacht der lebenden Loser, 2003).