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Michael Chauvistré was born in 1960 in Aachen. He studied History and Philosophy in Aachen and Constance and Film at the Academy for Television & Film in Munich (HFF/M). In 1988, he founded the production company Happy Endings Film and began producing and directing his own films, including: the shorts Eine zufaellige Begegnung (1989), Amore (1990), and the documentaries Mal sehen, was draus wird (1990), Die Zeit, die laeuft (1992), Wenn dich keiner sieht und keiner hoert (1993), Barbara und Fenja (1993), Klein Hundorf (1993), and Schau mich nicht so boese an (1997), Pax (1999) - a short story episode in the feature film Midsommar Stories, and To Moscow with IKEA (Mit IKEA nach Moskau, 2001).