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Wolfgang Bueld was born in Luedenscheid on 4 September 1952 and received his Abitur in 1972. He studied at the Academy for Television & Film (HFF) in Munich from 1974-77 and then began working as a director on music documentaries like Punk in London (1977), Reggae in Babylon (1978) and British Rock (1979). He has also worked for television, e.g. ZDF's Brennende Langeweile (1979), the 10-part series Rock Power Television (1986) and RTL's 13-part series Und Tschuess (1994). His feature films are Gib Gas - Ich will Spass (1982), Der Formel Eins Film (1985), Manta Manta (1991), Go Trabi Go II - Das war der wilde Osten (1992) Der Trip (1995) and Voll auf der Kippe (TV, 1999).