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Eike Besuden was born in 1948. After working as a teacher and freelance for Radio Bremen, he has directing documentaries since 1989. A selection films includes: the documentaries DANN BIN ICH EBEN WEG, NA UND? (1989), BACK TO ROME (1994), MADLY HUMAN (1995), DEVIL COMES TO CHURCH (1996), THE FORGOTTEN WAR (1997), GREEN LADY, YOU ARE SMILING AT ME! (1999), WAITING FOR A NEW LIFE (2000), his feature debut CRAZY ABOUT PARIS (2002), THE FOCKE BROTHERS – PIONEERS OF AVIATION (doc, 2009), FAUST II RELOADED (doc, 2010), CODENAME COR (doc-drama, 2010), EXPEDITION TSUNAMI (doc, 2012) and GIVE UP? NEVER (doc-drama, 2012).