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Nicolai Albrecht was born in 1970 in Munich. He studied Music and Philosophy in Munich and Berlin, followed by studies at the German Academy of Film & Television (dffb) from 1994-2004. During his studies, he worked freelance on various film and television productions as an assistant director, director of photography, editor and producer. He also composes for short films, performs with various bands and contributes to the film magazine Revolver. A selection of his films includes: Please Listen (Krieg der Lauscher, 1995), Who Wants Yesterday's Loves (Lieber gestern als heute, 1996), Caecilia (1998), Raabe! (1998), To Be Used Before (Mindestens haltbar bis, 1998), Respect (Respekt, 2001), and Traffic Affairs (Mitfahrer, 2004), among others.