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Eliza Petkova was born in 1983 in Bulgaria. After studying Philosophy and Japanese in Düsseldorf, she worked as a freelance documentary filmmaker. Since 2011, she has been studying at the German Academy of Film & Television (DFFB) in Berlin. A selection of her films include: STILLE POST (doc, 2010), WILLKOMMEN ZUHAUSE (doc, 2011), MEIN SOHN (short docu-fiction, 2013), ZUR RECHTEN ZEIT (short, 2014), ABWESEND (short, 2014), HARMONIA (web series, 2015), NABELSCHNUR (short, 2015), the feature ZHALEIKA (2016), DIE ANDEREN (short, 2018), and the feature A FISH SWIMMING UPSIDE DOWN (2020).