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Peter Patzak was born in Vienna in 1945. He studied Psychology and Art History. A painter and conceptual artist, he lived in New York from 1968-1970, where he also worked for a TV station, making numerous 16 mm and video films before returning to Vienna. He is best known as the writer and director of the cult television series Kottan ermittelt (1976-1983). A selection of his other films includes: Kassbach (1978), The Uppercrust (Den Tuechtigen gehoert die Welt, 1981), Wahnfried - Richard und Cosima (1988), Der Joker (1988), Killing Blue - Midnight Cop (1988), Shanghai Hotel (1995), Promised Land (Gelobtes Land, 2000) and Zodiac Sign (Sternzeichen, 2002).