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Jeanine Meerapfel studied at the School of Journalism in Buenos Aires and began her career as an editor and journalist in Argentina. After her studies at the Institute of Film at the Ulm School of Design from 1964 to 1968, she worked as a freelance film critic for several publications. Since 1968 she has worked as a scriptwriter, producer and film director, winning numerous international awards for her work. In 1990 she became Professor for Film and Television at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. Her films include: IN THE COUNTRY OF MY PARENTS (1981, documentary), MELEK LEAVES (1985), LA AMIGA (1988), DESEMBARCOS – WHEN MEMORY SPEAKS (1989, documentary), AMIGOMIO (1995), ANNA’S SUMMER (2001), MOSCONI – OR TO WHOM THE WORLD BELONGS (2007, documentary), and MY GERMAN FRIEND (2012).