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Donatello Dubini was born in 1955 in Zurich and died 2011 in Cologne. He pursued Film Studies at the Film Academy in Vienna from 1975-1977, followed by studies of Drama, Film and Television Studies at the University of Cologne. He was a member of the Film Collective Zurich from 1977-1979 and is also a member of the filmmakers' and distributors' initiative "Der Andere Blick". Together with his brother Fosco, their films include: BLINDGÄNGER (1983), ÜBER MIR DER HIMMEL, UNTER MIR EIN SCHWARZES LOCH (1984), tHE DISAPPEARNCE OF ETTORE MAJORANA (DAS VERSCHWINDEN DES ETTORE MAJORANA, 1986), KLAUS FUCHS - ATOM SPY (KLAUS FUCHS, ATOMSPION, documentary, 1989), J.K. - EXPERIENCE IN DEALING WITH ONE'S OWN EGO (J.K. - ERFAHRUNGEN IM UMGANG MIT DEM EIGENEN ICH, documentary, 1991), LUDWIG 1881 (1993), JEAN SEBERG - AMERICAN ACTRESS (documentary, 1995), THE JOURNEY TO KAFIRISTAN (2001), THOMAS PYNCHON - A JOURNEY INTO THE MIND OF P. (documentary, 2001), and HEDY LAMARR - SECRETS OF A HOLLYWOOD STAR (2006).