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Oliver Dommenget was born in 1966 in Berlin. After internships at Studio Hamburg and in the Kamerawerkstatt Theo Rose, he served as a camera assistant for various film and television productions. Since 1991, he has been a freelance cameraman and director of numerous music videos and advertisements. In 1997, he began writing his own scripts and making short films, followed by Film Studies at the University of Hamburg from 1998-2000. His films include: the shorts November (1997), Zugroulette (1998), Verrat (1999) - winner of the German Film School Award in Bronze, Martas Toechter (1999), 3 Tage 44 (2000), winner of the Studio Hamburg Promotion Prize, Wilder Hafen Ehe (2000) and Help, I'm a Boy! (Hilfe, ich bin ein Junge!, 2002).