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Ute Aurand was born in 1957 in Frankfurt and grew up in Berlin. She studied at the German Academy of Film & Television (dffb) in Berlin from 1979-1985. Since then, she has been a freelance filmmaker and organizer of numerous film programs at cinemas in Berlin and has taught at various film and art academies in Germany and Switzerland. A selection of her films includes: SILENTLY DEEPLY ABSORBED IN CONVERSATION (SCHWEIGEND INS GESPRÄCH VERTIEFT, 1981), DETOUR (UMWEG, 1982, in co-direction with Ulrike Pfeiffer), PAUL CELAN READS (PAUL CELAN LIEST, 1985), OH! THE 4 SEASONS (OH! DIE 4 JAHRESZEITEN, 1988, in co-direction with Ulrike Pfeiffer), DETEL + JÓN (1988-1993), MARIA AND THE WORLD (MARIA UND DIE WELT, 1995), LITTLE FLOWERS, LITTLE LEAVES (KLEINE BLUMEN, KLEINE BLÄTTER, 1995), THIRDS (TERZEN, 1998), TOYING WITH STRING (FADENSPIELE, 1999, in co-direction with Detel Aurand), IN THE GARDEN (IM GARTEN, 2002, in co-direction with Bärbel Freund), HALF MOON FOR MARGARET (HALBMOND FÜR MARGARET, 2004), INDIA (2005), THE BUTTERFLY IN WINTER (DER SCHMETTERLING IM WINTER, 2006, in co-direction with Maria Lang), BUILDING UNDER GROUND (IN DIE ERDE GEBAUT, 2008), HANGING UPSIDE DOWN IN THE BRANCHES (KOPFÜBER IM GEÄST, 2009), and YOUNG PINES (JUNGE KIEFERN, 2011).