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Dominik Wessely was born in 1966 in Munich, where studied Modern History, Art History and Philosophy, followed by studies in Direction and Documentary Film at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg. Also active as a writer, a selection of his films includes: Schwarzwaldbilder (documentary, 1994), Anti-Sisyphos (documentary, 1995), Das Herz ist der Motor (documentary, 1996), Liegestuetz und Schiessgewehr (1997), Die Blume der Hausfrau (documentary, 1998), Himmel und Erde (TV, 1999), Guidecca (documentary, 2003), Gottes Plan und Menschen Hand (documentary, 2004), Patient Landarzt (documentary, 2005, in co-direction with Meinhard Pril), Windstaerke 8 - Das Auswandererschiff 1855 (docuseries, 2005, in co-direction with Arne Sinnwell & Gabriele Wengler), Unternehmen Theresienthal! (documentary, 2006, in co-direction with Marcus Vetter), and Reverse Shot - Rebellion of the Filmmakers (Gegenschuss - Aufbruch der Filmemacher, documentary, 2008, in co-direction with Laurens Straub).