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Georg Stefan Troller was born in Vienna in 1921 and emigrated in 1938. He was interned in France when war broke out and went to the USA in 1941, serving in the American army from 1943-1946. He has lived in Paris since 1949, working as a radio reporter for German stations and made 50 episodes of the TV programme Pariser Journal for WDR between 1962-1971. In 1972, he began working as a special correspondent for ZDF in Paris and has since made over 70 episodes of the Personenbeschreibung series which he founded. He wrote the screenplays for TV films by Axel Corti as well as his prize-winning trilogy Wohin und zurueck (1982, 1986). He has directed documentaries on Jack London, Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Gauguin as well as Mord aus Liebe (1993), Unter Deutschen - Eindruecke aus einem fremden Land (1995) and Gebuertig (2002).