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Oliver Storz was born in 1929 and studied German, Roman and English Languages and Literature in Tuebingen. He worked as a teacher before becoming a freelance literary critic. From 1957-1959, he was a feature editor and theater critic at the Stuttgarter Zeitung followed by work as a producer and scriptwriter at Bavaria Atelier from 1960-1974. A selection of his films includes: Der Stadtbrand (1984), Beinahe Trinidad (1985), Das Viereck (1987), Ein naheliegender Mord (1988), Der Unschuldsengel (1992), Christinas Seitensprung (1993), Three Days in April (Drei Tage im April, 1994), Daybreak (Gegen Ende der Nacht, 1998), and In the Shadow of Power (Im Schatten der Macht, 2002/2003), among others.