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Stefan Schwietert was born in Esslingen in 1961 and grew up in Basel/Switzerland. He attended the German Film & Television Academy (dffb) in Berlin and graduated in 1991 with Jumping Out The Clouds (Sprung aus den Wolken). He has been working as a freelance filmmaker and editor in Basel and Berlin since 1991. His other films are: The Topolino Project (Das Topolino Projekt, short, 1986), Tapez 36-15 Code Cobra (short, 1987), Fualna 88, The Last Ten Days of a Campagne (video, 1988), Long Shadow - Jura Soyfer and His Contemporaries (Der Schatten ist lang, documentary, 1994), A Tickle In The Heart (documentary, 1996)and El Acordeón del diablo (2000).