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Werner Schroeter (1945-2010) made his first films on 8 mm in 1967/1968. He also worked in the theater and staged his first opera (Lohengrin) in Kassel in 1979. He made his first feature-length film Eika Katappa in 1969 and followed it with, among others, The Death of Maria Malibran (Der Tod der Maria Malibran, 1971), Golden Flakes (Goldflocken, 1976), Kingdom of Naples (Neapolitanische Geschwister, 1978), Palermo or Wolfsburg (Palermo oder Wolfsburg, 1980), Day of Idiots (Der Tag der Idioten, 1981), The Rose King (Der Rosenkoenig, 1985), Malina (1990), Love's Debris (Abfallprodukte der Liebe, 1996), Die Koenigin - Marianne Hoppe (2000), and Two (Deux, 2002).