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Hajo Schomerus was born in 1970 and studied Cinematography in Dortmund. After spending a year in Toyko, he studied at the Film and Television Institute of India and at the Anthology Film Archive in New York. Active as a cameraman, he was the director of photography for such films as Controlled Demolition (documentary, 1998), Container (documentary, 1998), Groundspeed (documentary, 2000), Vier Minuten Drei Sekunden (short, 2000), Silverstar (short, 2000), Sainkho (documentary, 2001), Abendstimmung (short, 2002), Golden Lemons (documentary, 2002), Hanns Martin Schleyer - A German Biography (documentary, 2002), and Fools (Narren, feature, 2003). Me, Myself and the Universe (Ich und das Universum, 2003) marks his directorial debut.