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Gregor Schnitzler was born in 1964 in Berlin. During his studies of Communication Design, he worked as a set photographer. Together with Eleni Ampelakiotou, he directed the shorts DAS FENSTER (1991) and SONNTAGE (1992) and the feature FINNLANDIA (1999). His other films include: the episodes UNTERNEHMEN FEUERTAUFE and TÖDLICHER WINDfrom the T.E.A.M. BERLIN series, GEFÄHRLICHE VATERSCHAFT from the BALKO series, and the features WHAT TO DO IN CASE OF FIRE? (WAS TUN, WENN’S BRENNT?, 2001), SOLO ALBUM (SOLOALBUM, 2003), THE CLOUD (DIE WOLKE, 2006), RESTURLAUB (2011), and GAMING INSTINCT (SPIELTRIEB, 2013), as well as over 65 music videos and commercials.