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Christoph Schlingensief was born in 1960 in Oberhausen. No other German director has in recent years been as active as Schlingensief in earning the term "political" for his works. From his early films in the 1980s, in which Hitler, rapists and mass shooters indulged in orgiastic mischief, to his dramas at the Berlin Volksbuehne in the 1990s, whose chaotic scenes brought German icons such as Rudi Dutschke, Helmut Kohl or Rosa Luxemburg down off their pedestals, and to his performances in public (e.g. the artistic welfare mission 1997 at Hamburg's main train station), one basic theme is always apparent: do not trust certainties! He creates a permanent state of insecurity by blurring borders between reality and fiction, art and offence, intention and action. A selection of his extensive works includes the films 100 Jahre Adolf Hitler (1989), Das Deutsche Kettensaegenmassaker (1990), Terror 2000 - Intensivstation Deutschland (1992), Die 120 Tage von Bottrop (1997), and Freakstars (2003).