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Britta Sauer studied Theater, New German Literature and Psychology in Munich, during which time she directed plays at the university theater. She then went on to study Direction at the Munich Academy of Television and Film and participated in numerous film workshops in the US and Germany. Also active as a writer, her films include: Der Irrlaeufer (1993), Kleine Fische (short, 1994), Rosas Café (short, 1995), four episodes of Emmeran (1995-1997), the trailer and show Talk nach vier (1996), Die Gebrueder Skladanowsky (short, 1996) under the supervision of Wim Wenders, Ohne Gewaehr (1998), Cineon (documentary short, 2000), Mzimu Makusi (documentary, 2001), Kurze Begegnung (short, 2001), 55 Minuten (2004), and Love Game (Liebes Spiel, 2005).