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Axel Sand has worked as a cameraman since 1983. He was director of photography on such films as Girls on Top (Maedchen Maedchen, 2001), CaiPiranha (1998), Die Schlaefer (1998), Das Phantom (1999), Der Voyeur (1999), Der Bunker (1999), as well as for various advertising spots, music clips, and over 30 documentaries. He had his directorial debut in 2001 with four episodes of Sinan Toprak ist der Unbestechliche, followed by two episodes of Wilde Engel (TV, 2002) and the feature The Bunnyguards vs. The Forces of Evil (Erkan & Stefan gegen die Maechte der Finsternis, 2002). A member of the Association of German Composers, he also writes film scores.