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Wolfgang Petersen was born in 1941 in Emden. After studying Theater in Berlin and Hamburg, he attended the German Film & Television Academy (DFFB) in Berlin from 1966-1970. He first made his mark in the film world with THE BOAT in 1981. Although he had been making feature films in Germany since 1973, and television productions before that, it was Petersen's success with this anti-war U-boat epic, along with several Oscar® nominations, that bought him his ticket to Hollywood. A selection of his other films includes: ONE OR THE OTHER (1973), THE NEVER ENDING STORY (1984), ENEMY MINE (1985), IN THE LINE OF FIRE (1993), OUTBREAK (1995), AIR FORCE ONE (1997), THE PERFECT STORM (2000), TROY (2004), POSEIDON (2006), and his most recent German film FOUR AGAINST THE BANK (2016).