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Irene Langemann was born in the Omsk region of the Soviet Union in 1959. She studied Acting and Germanics at the Tcepkin Theater Academy in Moscow. From 1980-1990, she worked as an actress, director and theater writer in Moscow.
In 1983, she began moderating and directing for Russian television. In 1986, she became a director and scene editor at the Nasch Theater in Moscow. She moved to Germany in 1990 and was an editor at Deutsche Welle TV in Cologne until 1997. Since 1997, she has been working as a freelance filmmaker. A selection of her films includes: Nirgendwo verwurzelt (1993), Die Goetter bitte ich um eine Aenderung (1994), Imperium der Traeume (1996), Auf Wiedersehen in Berlin (1997), Zwischen hier und dort (1997), Das Ende einer Odyssee (1998), Klasse(n) Klaenge (1999), Fit fuer Leben und Arbeit (2000), Russlands Wunderkinder (1998-2000), Lale Andersen: The Voice of Lili Marleen (2001), Martins' Passion (Die Martins Passion, 2003), Ices and Oranges (2004), Vodka, Art, and Fashion (2004), Goldap - In Polish Siberia (2005), and Rubljovka (2007).