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Lars Kraume was born in Chieri/Italy in 1973 and grew up in Frankfurt am Main. He worked as a freelance photographer before enrolling at the German Film & Television Academy in Berlin (dffb) in 1994. Since then he works as a director, script author and producer. In addition to numerous episodes of the TATORT series, his films include: DUNCKEL (1998), DER MÖRDER MEINER MÜTTER (TV, 1999), VIKTOR VOGEL - COMMERCIAL MAN (2001), KISMET (2002), NO SONGS OF LOVE (2005), DER ELEFANT (TV series, 2005), GUTEN MORGEN HERR GROTHE (TV, 2007), THE DAYS TO COME (2010), MEINE SCHWESTERN (2011), FAMILIENFEST (2015), THE PEOPLE VS. FRITZ BAUER (2015), THE VERDICT (TV, 2016), and THE SILENT REVOLUTION (2018).