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Rudolph Jula was born in 1965 to an Italian father and Swiss mother. After graduating from school, he was a trainee director at both the Zurich Theater and the Zurich Opera House. In 1988, he visited London, where he wrote Conquest, a collection of narratives. Between 1989 and 1992, he lived in Rome and worked on his novel Giulios Schlaf (Guilio’s Sleep), which was published in 1997. Between 1993 and 1998, he studied Directing and Script Writing at the German Film & Television Academy (dffb) in Berin. He graduated with the short Three Wishes (Drei Wuensche, 1999), for which he received the German Short Film Award. His other films include: the shorts The Night Full of Flowers (Die Nacht voller Blumen, 1988), The Last Socialist (Die letzte Sozialistin, 1993), You Remember (Erinnerst Du Dich, 1995), Turkish Delight (Tuerkischer Honig, 1997), My Russian Summer (Mein russischer Sommer, 1998), and Cattolica (2003), his first feature-length film.